GoToob solves those travel toiletry problems

Picture the scene. You’re in the gym and taking a shower. You have your little bottles of aromatic/organic/moisturising Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel and there’s only a wonky shelf to put them on. They roll off, you try balancing them on the pipes and burn your little finger. So you give up, they go on the floor you come to shampoo your hair only to find getting anything out the bottle is like recreating an 80’s moment with a ketchup bottle. You’ve finally slapped enough product onto your palm but you’ve mixed up shampoo and conditioner.

San Francisco design firm Humangear have the perfect solution and have quite rightly won awards with the GoToob. The silicone squeezable bottles have built-in suction cups on the back that cling to most glossy surfaces. They also have a valve that keeps the lid clean (like you get on honey bottles) and a window in the collar which identifies popular contents.

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