Like Crazy trailer is out, starting the week with a tearjerker

Paramount has unveiled Drake Doremus’ Like Crazy Trailer, bittersweet and

The trailer opens up with Ingrid Ellen Michaelson’s rather haunting take on ”Can’t
Help Falling In Love” (which sends shivers down your spine, like the first time
you heard Saran Maclachlan’s Angel played over City Of Angels) played loudly as background music, almost making the dialogue inaudible, it overwhelms you the first time you hit play and you just lay there basking under the effectively spliced scenes.

This Sundance Film Festival 2011 Grand Jury Prize winner is Drake Doremus’ first
feature-length directional debut. Co-writing Like Crazy is (No, not Nicholas Sparks.
Whew.) Ben York Jones who also worked with Doremus on earlier indie comedies
Douchebag and Spooner.

Like Crazy stars Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) and Felicity Jones (The Tempest) as
Jacob and Anna. Not your regular Los Angeles college couple, since Jacob’s American
and Anna’s a visiting Brit. As the film progresses, we see them fall in love, we
see them cry, we see them we see them transcend geography. The chemistry of the
two leads is evident just in the trailer alone. To make the cast more effective, costarring
in the film are Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: First Class), Alex Kingston
(Doctor Who), Charlie Bewley (Twilight), and Oliver Muirhead (The Social Network).

Paramount Vantage is bringing Like Crazy to theaters in the US starting on October
28th this fall , and the Brits have to wait as it doesn’t make it across the Atlantic until
next February.

Here’s a couple of posters for your door…

by Benedick Duria


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