‘The Amazing Spiderman’ New Revealing Production Photos

It’s not till the summer of 2012 that the Marc Webb-directed ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ is going to be
swinging into your friendy neighborhood theater, but the excitement for it is like just it’s going to be
shown later this year. Stoked. Thats how a fanboy’s feeling like me could be loosely rendered in a word.

And so to ease, or perhaps, add more to the excitement, Columbia Pictures have released these:

Bloodied, half-naked Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) getting nursed (with eyes half-closed? Hmn) by Gwen (Emma Stone). Makes you wonder if he got the beating before or after being bitten.

If Gwen had a Facebook account, this would definitely be her primary photo.

And of course skinny Spidey is just so skinny and sexy in his red and blue ‘spandex’.

Yes. That’s still Peter.

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by Benedick Duria

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