Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright Plotting ‘The World’s End’ Movie

Work has officially started on Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. The pair have previously worked together on romzomcom Shaun of the Dead and Police comedy Hot Fuzz and they’ll be completing their “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy (also known as the “The Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy”) with a new film.

Edgar Wright, director of the previous two films, tweeted a this picture with only the caption ‘Hard at work…’.

There’s absolutely no other information about the plot or the film but rumours are gracing the internet that it might be a reference to the famous pub in Camden. One thing we can probably safely assume is that it will star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The World’s End is being produced by Big Talk Productions and expected to be finished and by 2014.


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