Angelina Jolie’s leg spawns own Twitter account

Dubbed “the only exciting thing at this year’s Oscars”, Angelina Jolie’s shameless leg exposing posing has created an instant internet meme. The actress’ right leg has already got it’s own Twitter account where the leg’s Tweets are generally self promoting, sample tweets include “I’m a leg!” and “Look at the leg!”. Despite the leg centric nature of the Tweets, it’s been an instant hit. The Twitter feed dubbed “Angie’s Right Leg” has more than 12,000. Angelina wore a black velvet dress by Atelier Versace which featured an enormous split up the right leg. She adjusted herself to make the most of her dress for a moment before presenting the award for best adapted screenplay, only to be laughed at by the audience and then mocked by “The Descendants” co-writer Jim Rash while accepting his award. See the video below to see what we mean.

The leg has even created a new trend of Angelina’s Leg photobombing other events and images, otherwise known as ‘legbombing‘.


Angelina’s Right Leg on Twitter


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