Amazing Spider-Man Japanese Trailer

With all the hype directed towards the Avengers, another Marvel superhero retains some of the limelight with this Japanese trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. While the content is almost similar to the second international trailer, the pace is generally a bit slower allowing the viewers to absorb the action a little better. We get to see a bit more of Sally Field and Martin Sheen as concerned guardians when they see Peter returning home late at night rather beat up and Rhys Ifans’s Dr. Connors thanking Peter for filling in the missing equation to genetic mutation – which ultimately leads him to become the Lizard. With a little bit of lizard action too. The special effects and set pieces still look stunning and of all the current reboots, this one truly challanges Sam Raimi’s original. Amazing Spider-Man slings his way over to the UK on the 4th of July.

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