Total Recall – Trailer

So we waited and it’s finally here. After giving us a teaser, the first official Total Recall trailer was launched on Apple Trailers this evening and here’s the low down.

Douglas Quaid, clearly unhappy with his life, takes a trip to a memory bank where he’s very interested of implanting a memory of a secret agent but his insertion is disturbed by the appearance of Stormtrooper-like bodies. Now realising he has combat skills, he shoots down all of the white heavies and returns home to tell his wife Lori however he soon realises she too wants to kill him – because he really was a spy in his past. Escaping threats from all angles, he’s dramatically saved by Melina – who’s been searching for him for quite some time. We get our first glimpse of the wonderful Bryan Cranston who plays Vilos Cohaagen, the president of Euroamerica, the man who wants Quaid’s mind for other reasons.

It’s evident from first inspection that Total Recall will be a visual treat. The special effects look wonderfully clean and crisp, as do some of the action sequences with an orgy of sound effects, however it doesn’t seem to have that je nais se quoi… as we’ve seen films like this before. You need only look at the Bourne Trilogy or even Jackie Chan’s Who Am I to get the gist of the plot so the special effect action sequences need to be spectacularly brilliant in a summer that will see stiff competition coming from the likes of Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus and of course The Dark Knight Rises

Total Recall stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy and Bryan Cranston and will be released August 22nd in the UK. Until then, check out their official website here.

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