Christopher Nolan Season at the BFI

If you marvel at the Dark Knight saga not because it’s about Batman but how it was executed in the safe and creative hands of its director then you will love what BFI London have in store for you. This July, the centre will host a season of Christopher Nolan films from Following at the BFI Southbank to The Dark Knight Rises at BFI IMAX. Celebrating the genius at work, the BFI will showcase some of the most genre busting movies from the past decade from Nolan’s big launch with Memento to taking the director’s chair in Batman Begins where he’s emulated his protagonist and became more than just a man – he became a living legend.

This would be a great opportunity to see The Dark Knight again on an IMAX screen where it truly deserves to be experienced; relive the opening bank robbery, the flipping truck set piece, the emergence of the Bat-pod and that brief glimpse of car pornography when the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 filled the entire IMAX screen and roared its V12 engine. Nolan really knows how to get us men (and probably some women) reach for our tissues. Booking for the Southbank season will open 5th June for its BFI members. 12th June for non-members. Sale date for when the TDKR has yet to be released but sign up to their mailing list here to know just when that will be.

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