Good news for horror fanatics today as the full cast list for ‘Hatchet 3’ has been revealed.

A number of genre stalwarts have been announced for the horror sequel, including Derek Mears who portrayed Jason Vorhees in the ‘Friday the 13th’ reboot, and Caroline Williams, best known for her brush with Leatherface’s fearsome power tool in ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’. Other names announced for ‘Hatchet 3’ include Sean Whalen (‘The People Under the Stairs’) and Diane Goldner (‘The Collector’).

This follows on from the news that genre greats Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder are confirmed to return for ‘Hatchet 3’.

The horror franchise kicked off in 2006 with Adam Green’s original ‘Hatchet’, a hugely enjoyable tongue-in-cheek slasher which sees a group of unsuspecting tourists being bumped off in a New Orleans swamp by hulking monster Victor Crowley.

Despite having been chopped, beaten and burned over the course of the first two movies, Crowley is set to continue his murderous rampage across the Louisiana bayou in the upcoming third instalment. Proof indeed that you just can’t keep a good ghoul down!

According to Variety, cameras will start rolling in the New Orleans area at the end of this month.

by Ewan Cant

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