The countdown to this year’s edition of the UK’s biggest and best horror movie festival, Film 4 FrightFest, has well and truly begun today with the unveiling of some seriously gnarly poster artwork.

2012 marks the 13th year for FrightFest, so it’s entirely fitting that the artwork should pay homage to that icon of horror himself, Jason Vorhees, the hockey-masked villain of the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise. The poster is the work of illustrator Graham Humphreys and designer Paul Johnstone, the former having produced a number of iconic horror movie artworks for classics such as ‘The Evil Dead’ and ‘Santa Sangre’.

Any self-respecting genre fan would be well advised to keep their August bank holiday weekend free to squeeze in all the weird and wonderful movies that FrightFest has to offer, kicking off on August 23 and winding up on August 27.

Stay tuned as this year’s opening and closing night films will be announced on Friday June 8 and the full-line up on Friday June 29.

by Ewan Cant

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