Third The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

When the viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises was set only yesterday, it requested Batfans around the world to take pictures of stills accumulating shots from the trailer. And would you believe it… the frames have already been complete. Check it out here. The prize for our efforts is of course the latest trailer and it’s far more amazing then you could’ve hoped for. A mini movie in its own right.

In this latest serving from Nolan and co, the characters are fleshed out, the action is boosted and the surprises just keep on coming. The plot is still sketchy but what we can gather from the previous trailer is that Bruce is clearly in hiding after taking the blame for Harvey Dent’s death. Bane somehow finds Bruce in an underground cave and breaks him – leaving him injured and distraught. The pieces, surprisingly, are picked up by the characters played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Young cop John Blake), Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle aka Catwoman) and Michael Caine (Bruce’s long suffering butler Alfred – although playing the butler, you’d expect him to help out a little).

Bane still has his disturbing voice and after all the talk of how inaudible he was during the 6 min preview, you pay very close attention to what he has to say – which is very little but dangerously effective. Highlights include Catwoman riding the Batpod, the unbelievable ‘boom’ on three of the bridges in Manhattan and when Catwoman tells Batman that her mother told her not to get into cars with strange men, Batman growls “this isn’t a car”. Nolan’s Batman is up against Arnold Schwarzenegger for holding the best one liners… no, no wait, I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry!

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman and Michel Caine. It’ll be released July 20th in normal and IMAX theatres.

So….excited much?


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