Prometheus Has Landed in New Clip

Not to be out done by those comic book fiends, Ridley Scott shows the movie-universe how to make an impact with your film by just landing your plane. And boy is it one landing. Ok well it isn’t an exciting crash landing but that’s not to say they’ll leave in one piece. This a Ridley Scott film people. Nothing goes according to plan in his films.

The crew on Prometheus have broken through the stratosphere and are about to land when they realise the atmospheric components are almost the same as earths’ making it suitable for life forms to breath. Nice. And the pathway leading into a cave is strangely aligned as Logan Marchshall-Green’s character claims that ‘God does not build in straight lines’ – you damn right he doesn’t Logan.

Prometheus will be released June 1 in the UK – check out the rest of our coverage here.

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