[Sponsored Video] Hollyoaks Savage Party Clip Full of Enchantment and Mischief

We start the weekend with a sponsored post featuring a video that Channel 4 have created to tell us all about Savage week in the Chester soap village of Hollyoaks. The villages residents are seem running through an enchanted forest, wearing pagan inspired head dresses and masks, towards a secret party and feast. Incidentally, the song playing in the background is Shut Eye by Stealing Sheep and it only adds to the message of what we can expect from Savage Week…mischief. You’re probably all secret Hollyoaks followers but it will come as no surprise that the promo isn’t a literal representation of what is going to happen in the show, it’s more of a representative imagining. In the run up to Savage Party week, The Savages discover their motor home has been stolen and are forced to move into halls with Will. As you can imagine, the tensions run high and adapting to life living in student accommodation proves trickier than everyone expects. Savage Party week sees Will Savage organise a fundraising party in the village to get his family back on track and also, his own space back. There’s also be a special guest appearance bu the up and coming UK rapper/soul-singer Maverick Sabre.

Can he succeed in helping his family and keeping his friends at the same time? Take a look at the promo clip and let us know if you spot any hints in the comments below. Catch Hollyoaks on C4 on Week nights at 6.30pm. Savage Party Week will run from 4th-8th June 2012 and you can join in the conversation by using the hashtag #SavageParty.

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