The Expendables 2 Trailer Kicks In

Action hero legend Sylvester Stallone introduces to all children of the 80s *explosion* the latest trailer for his new movie The Expendables 2 featuring an ever awesome cast of *gun shots* other action heros including Jet Li, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, *car gets smashed* Dolph Lundgren – and returning to the big screen after decade long hiatus – Arnold *I’m back* Schwarzenegger.

Simon “Con Air” West will take the directorial helm from a script written by Stallone himself. It’s a sequel *boom* following the group of elite mercenaries, led by Barney Ross (Stallone), who want revenge from rival mercenary leader – Jean Vilain (Van Damnnnn) after brutally murdering one of their own and stop him using 5 tons of Plutonium for his evil master-plan. Ross takes with him some of the original members of his *cuts throat* gang including Christmas (Statham) and Jensen (Lundgren) receiving additional assistance from the likes of Mr Church (Willis) and Trench (Schwarzenegger).

This isn’t a complex story about a man who is disturbed by the death of his parents and dresses up as a bat, or travel through space to discover the origins of the human race or an espionage thriller about a government chasing a rogue spy *bomb blast* that has been wrongly accused of a murder he didn’t commit – as Sly puts it, the plan is to “Track him. Find him. Kill Him”. And that him… is the muscle from Brussels who throws his high kicks as swiftly as he did semi-naked back in the *breaks nose* 90s. Reminiscent of the classic genre of 80s action movies it has guns, explosions, ridiculous stunts, more explosions, fist fights, knives, cheesy puns, planes, bikes, trucks, cars, a macguffin no one really cares about, terrible acting, questionable accents and of course – long, tracking shots of someone walking in a shower of  bullets and sets of explosions without getting a single scratch. Love it or hate it – this is one movie die hard fans have been waiting for… well, forever …when you consider this money shot.

The Expendables 2 will EXPLODE onto your local cinema screens on the 17th of August.

Vaskar S. Kayastha is Cult Hub’s contributing film writer focusing on blockbuster movies as well as independent and world cinema. Vaskar graduated with a BA (Hons) in English which focused on the Classics, Medieval, Shakespearean and Ancient Literature. He also has a keen interest in Photography, History, Technology, Theology, Poetry, Ballet, Art, riding his Vespa and eating Gelato. Vaskar is also the Creative Director for TheStyleColumn - a portal for showcasing talented new fashion designers as well as covering global fashion weeks. Find out more about Vaskar on his blog or follow him on twitter.

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