Misfits Director Tom Green to Direct Monsters Sequel

Part of the deal that allowed Gareth Edwards to complete his debut feature film Monsters was to hand over a certain amount of the rights to production company Vertigo Films. As a result, Vertigo announced their intentions to develop a sequel but as it’s creator is off doing other projects (Godzilla and an untitled Sci-Fi), the hunt was on for a new Director for the alien invaded world.

Word has now come that Tom Green will direct the sequel entitled Monsters: Dark Continent. Green was one of the directors on the first series of Misfits, a self-proclaimed “tight holder of purse strings” (something I vaguely remember him saying to me at a preview party before Misfits aired) we can expect to see more sci-fi-on-a-budget action. There are no details on the plot yet but it’s rumoured to be about a teacher who enters the infected zone of a city to find his brother.

Edwards himself is developing the remake of Godzilla for Legendary Pictures, which has The Dark Knight Rises writer David S. Goyer writing the script. Edwards will be staying on as exec-producer for the Monster sequel but is remaining fairly hands off on the project.

We interviewed Gareth last year on how he feels about the sequel. He said “Vertigo owns the rights to Monsters, as that’s how it works with your first film but Monsters 2 isn’t my film. It’s all or nothing for me.” He added “It’ll be interesting to see what other people do with the film”.

Green made his television debut with the very first episode of Misfits back in 2009 but very little has been heard from the quiet Director since. Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas were initially attached to direct the project when it was first announced. Writing the script is Jay Basu who co-wrote Fast Girls, an underdog from the wrong side of the tracks does good film with an athletics feel.

Monsters, Edwards’ first film, made more than $4m at the box office all on a shoestring budget. The cast and crew consisted only of actors Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able, Edwards and half a dozen other people.

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