The Dark Knight Rises fourth…. trailer

Get excited. Your summer is just about to be detonated with explosions and you’re going to enjoy every minute of it. The Avenger-killer (aka The Dark Knight Rises) has released its fourth trailer with lots of extended scenes from already seen footage except for two very significant ones.

Deny yourself reading further if you don’t want to spoil your TDKR experience………… still with us? Good. The original tones of the first two trailers were moody to say the least giving the sense that Batman may not truly live out the ordeal Bane will punish him with. The third trailer truly opened the box showing great action sequences, humour, Catwoman, the Batwing, the scale of destruction and of course the workings of the criminal mastermind that is Bane. In this trailer we get more of just that expect notice how Bane manages to foresee Batman’s fighting style proving he must have knowledge from the League of Shadows which also ties in with Liam Neeson’s appearance in the film somewhere. Also note a woman wearing a maid’s outfit that falls back on herself – that could possibly be Selina Kyle who is rumoured to be a maid at Wayne Manor working under Alfred which also explains how she’s possibly wearing the pearls Bruce’s father gave to his mother in Batman Begins. It’s all speculation of course but it generally fits. There have been plenty of TV spots of late marketing the film to great lengths. There’s even more footage to found from the MTV awards that took place a few weeks ago that possibly showed the new Batcave and Bane lurking within………………………. SPOILER ENDS!

What are you waiting for…. press play already…

TDKR will be released world wide and advisably seen in IMAX from July 20th

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