The Dark Knight Rises ‘It does come in black’ TV Spot

“I call the it the Bat. And yes Mr. Wayne…. it does come in black”, so confirms Lucius Fox when describing the Batwing to a fragile Mr Wayne hoping it might lure him out of retirement. Yes people, the TDKR marketing campaign people have released some new footage in this TV spot that emphasises on the latest vehicle that will surely come close to taking your breath away when viewing it in action on the large IMAX screen.

The spot begins with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character John Blake, new city cop, complimenting Commissioner Gordon that his crime clean up was so good that they’ll soon be chasing over due library books. However Selina Kyle tells us it’ll liven up in a minute – and boy does it liven up when Bane covers a man’s face with his bare hands almost implying he’s about to twist it!!

Taking the next Bat vehicle up in the air simply demonstrates how awesome director Chris Nolan’s eye is for sheer action. It’s not aggressive – it’s fluid. It’s not shaky cam you get in the Bourne movies where the emphasis is on body movement… the whole frickin’ city shakes in this movie. It does however end on a humorous note – “advance tickets now on sale”. Yes the tickets are now on sale but whether you can even get one is another matter entirely.

The most anticipated movie of the year will be released world-wide July 20th.

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