Total Recall implants a new trailer

After the initial teaser trailer left us wanting more, this new trailer gives us more action, more drama, more tension, more…. boobs!?!?! Colin Farrell has taken on the mighty shoes once worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Doughlas Quaid, a factory worker that aspires to be more than common. So after visiting one those memory implant houses, it triggers his past where he soon discovers he was once a spy fighting against the rebellion in a dystopian future – but now, after meeting rebel fighter Jessica Biel, he might reconsider but his pretend wife, played by Kate Beckinsale, may have something to say about that.

We said before this film needed mega action sequences and high end special effects to not only compete with the big guns this summer but also bring something new from the original classic which once held the record of being the most expensive movie ever made. The set pieces look impressive as if you look closely it partially takes place in London with the newly named Elizabeth Tower and Piccadilly Circus is ruins.

As for the action sequences there’s lots of sliding on floors and the couple bout looks impressive although what is clearly missing is a kick to the crotch and Sharon Stone wearing spandex. The car chase sequence looks intense especially when Biel is able to slide the steering wheel from the drivers side to the passengers (which then technically makes the passenger the driver). There’s also a battle on a lift but Farrell does this with a robot so it’s doubtful the line “See you at the par-tay Richter!” will be recited. Which is a damn shame.

However for the purists, there is a woman with three boobs. Well it wouldn’t be ‘totally’ ridiculous without it. Would it now?


Total Recall – directed by Len Wiseman and also stars Bill Nighy, Bryan Cranston, John Cho, Bokeem Woodbine and Ethan Hawke – will reach this shores comes August 29th.

Don’t forget now will you.

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