Skyfall Olympic TV Spot

Well… after escorting the Queen last night to the Olympic opening ceremony in style, Sony has let loose an exciting TV spot to coincide with the start of the greatest show on earth. Part of the film takes place in Shanghai and in the clip below Bond is taken across a river on a boat where he seems to be coming out from the mouth of a dragon; if that represents anything – its the fire and rage burning inside of him. There’s also some strong characters shots, striking images of a rough looking Bond but most impressively the silhouette of bad guy Raoul Silva walking away from a burning house which he probably set alight. But the best bit? The scale of the action and Bond finally having a moment of fun after a close shave with an excavator’s arm. With Skyfall being Daniel Craig’s third outing, he’s clearly grown into the role and has never looked more comfortable.

If you don’t know already, the plot follows a review of M and the double-O section after MI6’s case roster has been leaked thus compromising the identities of every undercover agent around the world. Bond is then assigned to find the culprit behind the leak however as he divulges further into the case, taking him from Turkey to China, he realises the answers lie much closer to home. Take a closer look from when we reviewed the first trailer here.

Skyfall – starring  Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Dame Judi Dence, Javier Bardem, Naomi Harris and Berenice Marlohe – will now be released in October in UK and NOVEMBER in the US.

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