Taken 2 shoots new international trailer

Liam Neeson isn’t really known for his action movies (even though he was in Star Wars and Batman Begins) as he’s more of an actor’s actor. A true gentleman of the art. And has played some amazing roles in the past: Oskar Schindler, Zeus, Hannibal (In the A-Team not Hannibal Lector) and is also the voice of Aslan no less. So it was a surprise when we looked on his IMDB page to find his character name in Taken 2 was called ‘Bad-Ass-Mother-F*****’. No really, it’s on there. Trust us. We know what we’re talking about.

After saving his daughter in Taken from the Albanian human traffickers – their brothers, fathers and a whole heap of angry male relatives take action against the man who caused their deaths.  While this second trailer doesn’t truly bring anything new from the first trailer it does however provide snap shots of some pretty cool action sequences contrasted with orchestral music. The story goes that Bad-Ass-Mother-F***** is enjoying what seems to be a family holiday in Istanbul although this time, it’s his ex-wife’s turn to be abducted and Bad-Ass-Mother-F***** is not best pleased because he has to use his specific set of skills again.

In typical Luc Besson style, this European caper is reminiscent of his previous action movies and will probably have to place this under the ‘guilty pleasure’ category. We know the film won’t be that good, compelling nor even relevant – but what we will enjoy seeing is Bad-Ass-Mother-F***** looking for the abductors, Bad-Ass-Mother-F***** finding the abductors and of course Bad-Ass-Mother-F***** killing the abductors.

And when it’s over… the world will be safe again. Not bad for a 60 year old.

Taken 2 stars Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen and Rade Serbedzija and will be released October 4th.

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