Anyone ordered a Premium Rush?

You’d think we can’t get enough of Joseph Gordon-Levitt today. And you’d be right. He’s a brilliant actor that could put many veteran actors to shame *cough* Robert De Niro *cough* Red Light *cough*. But anyhow, as well as his Sci-Fi future classic Looper that is set to light us on fire and make us happy to burn alive (sort of!) we bring you three short clips from David Koepp’s latest feature Premium Rush.

The story follows a Manhattan Bike Messenger that loves life at high speeds and gets involved in a package that has trouble written all over it. Trust us, for a man who’s taken on Gotham’s worst thugs, JGL can handle anything.

In the following three short clips we get a glimpse into the psyche of JGL’s character –  Willee – who considers having brakes on his bike pretty much warrants the end of your life, uses his initiative on a man chasing after him and his love interest who’s clearly as crazy as he is.








Premium Rush will be released in the UK come September 14th.

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