Bombay Sapphire Brings Edible Cinema Experience to Aubin Cinema


3D is so passe and 4D (those shaking chairs otherwise known as d-box) is impractical if you’re trying to eat your popcorn. If you’re on the hunt for an extra sensory experience to your favourite film then you can’t go wrong with Edible Cinema. Is this 5 or 6D now? I’ve lost track.

Being held at the Soho House Group’s Aubin Cinema in London, Edible Cinema on the 25th and 26th August 2012 follows the success of the first event ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ at the Electric Cinema in May.

 This time around they’re screening Spirited Away, integrating the movie with a tasting experience in a collaboration between the Soho House Group, renowned experience organiser Polly Betton, experimental food designer Andrew Stellitano and Bombay Sapphire mixologist Sam Carter.

The audience is provided with a series of numbered ‘packages’ before the start of the film, which contain various foods. At specific points during the film, large placards with corresponding numbers will be shown to the audience instructing them to consume the contents of the packages. Guests will also be served an imaginative Sapphire Rosato cocktail inspired by the film.

This experience is not just about eating; the smell, texture, even the way the mouth feels after eating the contents of the ‘packages’ will correspond to what’s happening onscreen and heighten the viewers’ sensory experience of the film.


As you already know, Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is about a young girl on a quest to rescue her parents from a weird world filled with talking frogs, witches and spirits. Some of the edible experiences during the film will include a foaming tapioca ‘soap’ powder during the memorable bath house scene, and Bombay Tears, a lightly salted mini Bombay Sapphire cocktail to drink as Chihiro (now Sen) cries as she eats her first meal as a servant girl. If eating the tears of  a crying girl doesn’t sound like a fun evening out, food designer Andrew promises that the experience will be aromatic, textural and full of unusual and intriguing flavours.

Think the word Aubin sounds familiar? That’s because it’s part of the first Aubin & Wills destination store. The Aubin Cinema is run in conjunction with Shoreditch House private members’ club and Aubin & Wills destination store together with The Aubin Gallery. The cinema is the ultimate in luxury, giving 45 viewers velvet chairs and sofas to relax on. A world away from the usual sticky seats of East London.

Edible Cinema will take place on Saturday 25 August at 4.00pm and Sunday 26 August at 9.00pm at The Aubin Cinema, 64-66 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP

 Tickets cost:

Armchair seats £23pp

Sofa seats £50 (£25pp)

Deluxe sofa £52 (£26pp)

Angled seats £20pp

Tickets are on sale now and will go quickly so if you want to book, please email or visit

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