Bond Pulls a Lazarus in Skyfall’s First International Trailer

“How much do you know about fear?” a sultry woman asks the brooding, debonair of a man. “All there is,” he replies with a tone of assurance. “Not like this,” she corrects him, “Not like him.” Hate to say this to you Mr Bond but another character – Bruce Wayne – has already trumped the fear card but as introductions go, blowing up the MI6 headquarters will certainly get you the attention you’re asking for.

In this first full length trailer we finally get to see bad guy Raoul Silva, played viciously by Javier Bardem, and his characteristics pays homage to the villains of old – from Auric Goldfinger who reeked of narcissism in Goldfinger to Francisco Scaramanga who carried himself like he knew everything, about everyone, and could destroy you with a touch of a button in The Man With The Golden Gun. The blonde hair, sharp suit and the way that he talks is ever so alluring although if you lean forward and pay too much attention – he may cut your ear off so it’s best to keep your distance from Silva.

It begins with Commander Bond getting killed in action after being shot on a train by one of his fellow agents. “What can you say about this man?” asks MI6 head M as she writes his obituary – well Ian Fleming wrote 14 odd novels so clearly a lot.  What is unusual about this trailer is that not only does it open the plot a little more but it shows the writers have taken creative licence to tweak the Bond formula a little. It doesn’t begin with an ending to a successful mission – in fact here Bond fails to capture the culprits who stole the identity of all the undercover double-O agents around the world. After he’s ‘resurrected’, he returns to duty a changed man.

As seen in the first teaser trailer – he seems cocky, boastful but also a tad tortured; Bond is trying to find out who he is all over again… but heck, we sure as hell would like to join him for the ride. While the plot is none formulaic, we see the welcome return of the Quartermaster played geekily by Ben Whishaw who seems to resonate a man wiser and older than he appears.


The action is hyped. The British landscape is lush. And if you were on that tube ride on your way home I sincerely hope you applied for a full refund from the TfL.

Skyfall – starring Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Dame Judi Dence, Javier Bardem, Ben Whishaw, Naomi Harris and Berenice Marlohe – will be released in October 26th in UK.

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