JGL vs Taxi in Premium Rush action clip

As if tackling Bane’s thugs in The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t enough, our man of the year Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes on a villain that even Darth Vader can’t compete with… New York traffic. In this ‘Action’ promotional clip brought to you by scriptwriting legend David Koepp – also on director’s duty – we’re introduced Wilee, a bike messenger, who travels in fifth gear, has no brakes and meanders through the labyrinth that is Manhattan.

It looks into some awesome stunt work, specially rigged cameras and while JGL has his own stunt guy, he’s clearly not afraid to do some of his own work earning an impressive number of stitches for this movie – click below to find out just how many. And make sure you see the clip all the way through where JGL takes on a taxi… and wins. Well. Sort of.

 Premium Rush will be released in the UK come September 14th. Riding your bike will not be the same again.

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