Schwarzenegger Takes The Last Stand

He’s back. And about time too! Action movies have changed over the past ten years with the focus moving away from character orientated films like The Terminator to an orgy of CGI characters found in The Transformers and LOTR franchises. Other  films like the Fast and the Furious rely on multiple characters using automobiles or the espionage genre like the Bourne movies taking the action all over the world to make them interesting. But none have the charisma, presence or even the power of executing cheesy quips like Arnold Schwarzenegger – so it gives us great pleasure to introduce his first solo feature called The Last Stand. 

As with many Schwarzenegger movies – the plot is simple, albeit redundant. Bad guy is on the escape. The police are after him but can’t catch him – cos they’re useless. Schwarzenegger, a retired CIA agent, is now the Sheriff of a small town close to the US border where the bad guy is headed. We can of course write the ending – he’s not going to make it through, so the film is just an opportunity to see the bad guy humiliated and enjoy watching his ass beaten the hell up. It has a number of stunts performed by Arnie, with a couple of car chase sequences, evidence that his one liners are still as strong as ever  – with only the presence of Johnny Knoxville bringing the film’s credibility down a little. That being said, it sure looks like its going to be one heck of a ride. 2013 can’t come soon enough.

The Last Stand also stars Genesis Rodriguez, Peter Stormare and Forest Whitaker and will be released early 2013.

Vaskar S. Kayastha is Cult Hub’s contributing film writer focusing on blockbuster movies as well as independent and world cinema. Vaskar graduated with a BA (Hons) in English which focused on the Classics, Medieval, Shakespearean and Ancient Literature. He also has a keen interest in Photography, History, Technology, Theology, Poetry, Ballet, Art, riding his Vespa and eating Gelato. Vaskar is also the Creative Director for TheStyleColumn - a portal for showcasing talented new fashion designers as well as covering global fashion weeks. Find out more about Vaskar on his blog or follow him on twitter.