The Pact – A Ouija Board Talks Back Clip

We’ve all tried a Ouija board once havn’t we, usually it’s someone pushing the glass or coin around the table trying not to look obvious, however in this terrifying clip of The Pact, things get a little scary. Check it out for yourselves.
There’s also another preview clip below, what a treat.


Following the death of her mother, Annie receives a phone call from her former drug addict sister, Nicole, imploring her to come back to visit their family home and to attend their mother’s funeral. Still tortured by memories of a troubled childhood, Annie is reluctant to revisit the past, but eventually agrees to Nicole’s request. However, on arrival at the house she finds no trace of her sister and, when Nicole fails to turn up at the funeral, Annie simply assumes she has relapsed into drug use as a way of dealing with her loss. Not wishing to spend the night alone in her mother’s house, Annie invites her cousin, Liz, and Nicole’s estranged young daughter to stay over.

But it’s not long before Annie begins to sense another, unseen presence in their midst. Household objects are inexplicably moved around, strange noise are heard during the night and a broken picture frame reveals a photo of a sinister figure. Then all hell breaks loose. Annie finds herself physically threatened by this malign supernatural force residing within the house and, following a particularly terrifying assault, discovers that Liz, too, has disappeared. With her life now seriously at risk, and time running out, Annie is forced to confront her worst fears and solve the mystery surrounding her family’s history before it is too late.

Directed by first time feature director Nicholas McCarthy, The Pact stars Caity Lotz , Casper Van Dien, Agnes Bruckner, Haley Hudson and Kathleen Rose Perkins.

It’s released on Oct 1st on DVD and Blu-ray well in time for Halloween.

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