Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Film Experience – Winners Announced

We wrote about the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Film competition earlier this year and the winners have just been announced. The winners will get to produce their screenplays with Europe’s leading production companies and have their films screened at a special screening in the Tribecca Film Festival. The entries were all judged blindly and amazingly, four of the five winners are British.

The Bombay Sapphire organised competition is part of their Imagination series. The gin company partnered with Tribeca and Oscar-winning Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher on the film competition, to highlight the importance of imagination in filmmaking.  The competition, which ran from May to August, saw aspiring filmmakers use their own imagination to interpret one of Geoffrey’s scripts.

The competition saw 700 worldwide entries, covering each and every genre, from action to adventure to romance and horror, entries fused the words in Geoffrey Fletcher’s script with their own imagination to deliver a submission worthy of winning this global competition. Thend a slick logistical operation which meant that any one in the remotest places of the planet could enter in any language and would be able to produce their screenplay in the event of them winning. It’s a testament to the imaginations of the UK that so four of the five winners are British.

The four UK winners come from a range of backgrounds from established filmmakers to aspiring auters and whose disciplines range from live action to stop motion animation and span genres such as black comedy and surrealism.

The international judging panel, chaired by Geoffrey Fletcher, featured industry leaders including Independent Producer and Kodak Representative Anne Hubbell; former editor of Screen International Colin Brown; BBC producer Colin Barr and film critic Alison Bailes selected five films for their originality and imagination.

The winners are:

    • James Griffiths, a full-time film maker from London, whose film ‘Room 8’ is a live actioncinematic piece in which miniature people, parallel universes and a twist at the end providea true cinematic experience for the masses.
    • Shekhar Bassi, an aspiring film maker living in London, whose film ‘The Mrs’ is anentertaining black comedy crime, telling the story of a dysfunctional couple’s marriage.
    • Cadi Catlow, a Welsh animation director, who created stop motion film ‘The Crab’ set in an extremely limited environment that uses only subtitles and relies entirely on timing and extremely accurate animation to portray the emotions, thought processes and personalitiesof two crabs.
    • Paul Frankl, a freelance director from London, whose film ‘Water Song’ tells the story of adeaf woman who finds refuge in the tranquillity of swimming, but out of the pool struggles tomake contact with a man she has feelings for.
    • Alexis Barroso Gascó a writer, director and graphic designer from Spain, whose film‘Concrete’ is set in an office block and tells the story of an executive man, a cleaner and a cookie box, which brings your deepest darkest desires to life.

“The entries we received to the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series film competition were so strong that the judges faced a difficult task reducing them to just five. The interpretations that we received took place in settings that ranged from the past to the distant future, involving characters and situations that reflected remarkable imagination on behalf of the entrants from around the world.

Taking just two ingredients — an Academy Awards-winning screenwriter’s script and their own imagination — they took on a challenge and successfully shared their ideas for a film that the Bombay Sapphire team will help them to produce, direct and premier next year.” – Academy Awards-winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher

The winners will now participate in producing and directing their own individual films, which will be shown in early 2013. To see the five winners and hear more about their films and experiences during the production process visit

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