Edible Cinema Announce New Screenings for Halloween

Back in August we reviewed the funnest yet oddest cinema experience that there ever was. The luxury cinema only has 45 seats so many people who wanted to see it but were too late were sadly disappointed. The great news is that demand for tickets for Edible cinema in association with Bombay Sapphire held at the Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch and was so high that the organisers decided to hold more events. The next Edible Cinema Screenings will have a Halloween theme and be held at the end of October, of course. The film that’s been chosen for Halloween Edible Cinema on Sunday 28 October and Wednesday 31 October at The Aubin Cinema is Tim Burton’s classic Beetlejuice.

Edible Cinema and Bombay Sapphire have once again teamed up with The Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch for two multi sensory Halloween screenings of Beetlejuice, on Sunday 28th and Wednesday 31st October 2012. Tim Burton’s much loved comedy horror will be enhanced by Edible Cinema, providing an unearthly and unique experience in a comfortable and stylish location.

Edible Cinema is a unique cinema culinary experience created in association with Bomaby Sapphire. On arrival, the lucky cinema goers will be served a Bombay Sapphire ‘Beetle Juice’ cocktail (the signature cocktail for the evening) and given a series of numbered packages containing food and Bombay Sapphire specially created tasters to eat during specific points during the film when prompted. A numbered light at the side of the room turns on when it’s time to eat or drink the mystery edible delight. Designed to heighten the experience, it certainly makes for a fun way to experience an amazing quirky specially curated film.

The experience is not just about eating. It’s also about the smell, texture, even the way the mouth feels after eating the contents of the ‘packages’ is designed to correspond to what’s happening on screen.

The Beetlejuice cocktail is described as devilishly fruity, rooty, spicy and citrus notes incorporate Bombay Sapphire, bright beetroot, tangy lemon juice and sweet Chambord black raspberry liqueur, all topped with fiery ginger beer. So that’s surely one of your five a day.

Tim Burton’s outlandish horror comedy Beetlejuice sees newly-deads Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis hire “bio-exorcist” Michael Keaton to keep their home from human habitation. Edible Cinema guests will get to eat their way through the film’s surreal landscapes and inhabitants. So maybe a slice of sandworm? The flavours, smells and textures underscore the action on screen, from eye popping head shrinking powder to the essence of Beetlejuice himself. I’ve veen told that “food designer David Bradley has more dastardly and delicious tricks up his sleeve to bring a whole new dimension to this kitsch cult horror classic.” For those of you who are worried, they also do vegetarian and non-alcoholic options.

The cinema itself is a little hidden part of luxury in Shoreditch. decked out with velvet chairs and sofas. Hidden underneath the Aubin and Wills store, the Aubin Cinema is part of the Soho House group and is run in conjunction with Shoreditch House private members’ club . Edible Cinema is a collaboration between the Soho House Group, renowned experience organiser Polly Betton, experimental food designers Andrew Stellitano and David Bradley (aka The Curious Confectioner) and Bombay Sapphire mixologist Sam Carter.

And if you get too frightened by Beetlejuice, Edible Cinema will also be running two Christmas themed screenings, films yet to be announced, taking place on Sunday 16 December (2 screenings) and will take place at The Electric Cinema.

Halloween Edible Cinema will take place on Sunday 28 October at 4.00pm and Wednesday 31 October at 9.00pm at The Aubin Cinema, 64-66 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP

Tickets are priced as follows:

Armchair seats £23pp
Sofa seats £50 (£25pp)
Deluxe sofa £52 (£26pp)
Angled seats £20pp

Tickets go on sale on Friday 13th October. To book, please email ediblecinema@aubincinema.com

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