[Sponsored Video] How to draw Wreck-It Ralph on a Samsung GALAXY Note II


Would you like to win a GALAXY Note II? Is that a question I even need to ask?

The GALAXY Note II is Samsung’s latest android based smart phone. The 5.5” HD Super AMOLED screen offers a 16:9 screen ratio for a stunning viewing experience when watching videos. It features a redesigned S Pen stylus letting you capture ideas as they happen with Idea Sketch and freely crop images with Easy Clip. The GALAXY Note II also the user to multitask through features like Multi Window and Air View, to let you do more, faster.

If you’re still undecided, the guys at Samsung have borrowed the talented Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph animator Bill Schwab to demonstrate some of the cool features of this powerful smart phone and to show you how user friendly it device is. Watch the video below to see how Bill puts the Note II to use.

The video, entitled “Samsung GALAXY Note II How to Draw Ralph” features Bill Schwab creating a professional sketch on the GALAXY Note II proving that it’s just as quick and simple, if not more so than pen and paper. I know that a lot of you are brilliant artists when it comes to drawing and that Bill is one of the best in his business, so don’t worry if your artistic skills arn’t up to his standard, Samsung’s got that covered too by thinking of all the features we’d need to create our own cartoon protagonist…or whatever your creative mind is thinking about at the time.

samsung galaxy note ii

With the Samsung GALAXY Note II you can draw from scratch, with no missing coloured pens to spoil your thought process, no mess, and everything to record your ideas at your fingertips…ideal for those who’ve forgotten their sketch books…or lost them. There’s no more squinting and putting your nose up to the paper when you want to go into more detail, just pinch to zoom into drawings for more accuracy.
You can also insert pre-defined images just by scrawling their name (demonstrated in the video with the help of some of the characters) perfect if you’re a fashion designer and need to bring up a croquis to sketch a design on the go. Want to grab an image from the web and add that to your sketch? Use the lasoo tool to copy it straight from the internet. And of course you can share your creations right away, oh the beauty of being connected.

wreck it ralph competition find ralph screen shot

Enter the competition at the Find Ralph website and you could win a GALAXY Note II and exclusive Wreck-It Ralph goodie bags. All you need to do is add the missing pixels and complete the missing Ralph poster. You can also learn more about Samsung GALAXY Note II and Wreck-it Wralph at the website. Prizes are available only to entrants in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brazil.

Wreck-It Ralph is showing in cinemas up and down the country right now. The movie is about Ralph, an arcade game villain who’s tired of being overshadowed by the good guys who always get to play the hero. Ralph decides to take matters into his own hands by going on an arcade game hopping journey through a nostalgia generating passage of pixels to prove he has the mettle to be a computer game hero. The question is, can he change his fate and save the entire arcade from the ultimate threat? Directed by Rich Moore, whose previous credits include episodes of The Simpsons and Futurama, you can rest assured that while the kids will love the movie as it’s an animated film about computer game characters, but there’ll be little nods to the adults who played the games as a kid and probably still play them on their smart phones on their commute to work.

Visit the Find Ralph website or learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note II Or visit the official Wreck it Ralph movie website.

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