Joel Edgerton Tans Up for Ridley Scotts Exodus: Gods and Kings

The trailer is out for Ridley Scott’s Biblical inspired movie Exodus: Gods and Kings (or Pharaohs) and the internet is mostly baffled. The mix of odd choices seen together in the trailer for the first time has reignited the debate about brownface and whether it’s acceptable or not to discriminate at the whim of a film’s investors? The bronzed bromance isn’t the only thing to have been ridiculed with others poking fun at Edgerton’s scouse brow, the tiny horse and the use of “gods” (plural) in the title…of this film…about Moses…and a monotheistic religion.

After the the box office flop that was Noah, due in part to its unusual casting choices, audiences would have thought Hollywood would have listened and as we all know, no one likes a movie that doesn’t stay true to the original book.

The heavily graded trailer shows the cast putting on American accents and copious amounts of fake tan to play Ancient Egyptians set to the melodious tones of an Irish folk song.

The real star of this show however, isn’t the “named” actors, the big draw for the public is the stunning VFX.

Oh well, at least they’re keeping the fake tan industry from buckling in the recession. What are your thoughts on tanning up in Hollywood, will you be watching this?


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