Red Band Trailer of DEADPOOL Released— Who is Deadpool?

First, the comic-con teaser last July and now the awe-inspiring Red Band trailer. Deadpool is very much here, fellas!

People who like Ryan Reynolds but are heartbroken with his almost laughable superhero venture ‘Green Lantern’ (2011) (blush blush… that includes me) are finally really excited to see him in a role which does justice to his ability, with super-cool stunts, smart (or rather improper: “I’m touching myself tonight!”) monologues and a real bad-ass suit.

But there are some of us who missed him in the 2009 film ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, hence hearing the name for the first time. So who is Deadpool?

Here’s Deadpool 101 for you:

• A new prominent figure of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Deadpool is also a relatively new addition in the comicbooks of Marvel as the character first came into being in February 1991. He was first conceived as a supervillain! However, as the character appeared in more stories, he evolved into an “anti-hero”.

• Deadpool is a mentally unhinged mercenary. He has very distinct personality traits like highly talkative nature, tongue-in-cheek conversation style and a certain grey sense of morality.

• His superpower is an accelerating healing power. Along with that, he is exceptionally skilled in combat.

• Deadpool is the alter-persona of former special force operative Wade Wilson. Wilson was subjected to a shady experiment in order to cure his cancer. The result was disastrous and apart from the healing power, he was left disfigured and psychologically unstable.

So what do we know from the new trailer? Apart from the initial plot set-up, we find that Wilson aka Deadpool is sarcastic as hell! He has a twisted sense of humour and he surely knows how to teach people who comes in his way a good lesson. The trailer seems too violent, but well… so is Deadpool! The reference to Green Lantern by mentioning an animated green suit is simply hilarious.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that in the trailer the great Spiderman quote is modified as, “With great power…comes great irresponsibility”. We can totally agree to the fact that this modification suits when it comes to Deadpool!

‘Deadpool’ is scheduled for release on February 2016.


by Kamalika Sanyal

Kamalika is a director, scriptwriter and editor, currently situated in France. She has received an MA in Film and Television studies from University of Westminster, London, UK. Kamalika on linkedin.

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