VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN starring Daniel Radcliff and James McAvoy – New Trailer Released

The new trailer of ‘Victor Frankenstein’, starring Daniel Radcliff and James McAvoy, is released by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Paul McGuigan and written by Max Landis, the first look of this movie of horror fantasy genre is indeed a hit.

It’s good to see McAvoy in a big-budget Hollywood flick after his graceful appearances in X-Men films as young professor Charles Xavier and award-winning performances in some noteworthy British films like ‘Welcome to the Punch’ (2013), ‘Trance’ (2013) and ‘Filth’ (2013). McAvoy fans will be exited to know that this time he is playing the titular role, the unhinged young medical student turned scientist who wanted to create life. 

Radcliff’s recent ventures like ‘Kill Your Darlings’ (2013) (where he portrayed poet Allen Ginsberg) and ‘Horns’ (2014) gained him critical praise for his performances. In ‘Victor Frankenstein’, Radcliff plays Igor, the committed young assistant of Frankenstein.

The Internet is abuzz about this new film of the handsome duo. McAvoy with his intense eyes and physical acting and Radcliff with a great combination of innocence and enthusiasm is sizzling the trailer.  Also, Andrew Scott of ‘Sherlock’ fame plays inspector Roderick Turpin here and certainly contributes to increase the interest of moviegoers.

As numerous adaptations of Mary Shelly’s classic book are already being done for silver screen, it will definitely be a challenge for this film to leave it’s own mark. Can’t wait to grab a ticket!

Victor Frankenstein is scheduled to be released in the USA in 25th November 2015 and 16th January 2016 for the UK.

by Kamalika Sanyal

Kamalika is a director, scriptwriter and editor, currently situated in France. She has received an MA in Film and Television studies from University of Westminster, London, UK. Kamalika on linkedin.

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