Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie are SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE

The UK trailer to Leslye Headland’s hilarious, raunchy rom-com, SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE has been released and the film is headed to cinemas on New Years Day…just when people are reflecting on their lives all around the world.


Jake (Jason Sudeikis) and Lainey (Alison Brie) impulsively lose their virginity to each other in college.  When their paths cross twelve years later in New York City, they realise they both have become serial cheaters.  Bonding over their chronic commitment issues, they form a platonic friendship to support each other in their quests for healthy romantic relationships. 

Director Leslye Headland said “I knew [Sleeping With Other People] was the next project for me because it was extremely personal. I wanted to challenge myself not only to write about my past heartache, but to try and revitalize the romantic comedy for a modern generation.” going on to say “People trash talk the Rom Com, but it’s one of the oldest cinematic genres with stellar origins like Twentieth Century or Trouble in Paradise. I think as audiences lost their innocence the genre lost its suspense. To create suspense you need obstacles. It’s really about giving characters in a Rom-Com true obstacles that very few people ever overcome: their own behavior and their past.”

Headland had someone in mind for the lead role, forgoing traditional casting methods. When asked how the leads became involved in the film she confessed “Jason Sudeikis was an easy cast. I went up to him at a party and said “I have a part for you.” That same week we met up and talked for hours. When Jason talks to you, it’s like you’re the only person who ever existed. He’s a major charmer, and that’s Jake to a tee. He was made for the part. A total leading man. Alison Brie’s character, Lainey, was harder to cast because I felt like we were casting me. I was so close to the character. But when Allie auditioned, this vulnerability poured out of her and I knew we had found Lainey. She’s an incredible actress, we all just fell in love with her.”

Sleeping With Other People also stars Jason Mantzoukas, Andrea Savage, Natasha Lyonne, Amanda Peet, Katherine Waterston, Adam Brody and Billy Eichner.

Watch the film in Cinemas and On Demand on January 1. 

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SWOP 7-10-14-55.CR2


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