Pet Store to Develop Dog Translation Device

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I’ve checked, and it’s not April 1st so this must be real. Online pet store Fetch had a public vote to find the most useful innovation which they could then develop into a working product and apparently the public voted for WhatsYapp, the first canine translation device. The device will let you know what your canine chum is thinking.

The first concept to be developed in its recently launched Petnology Centre, WhatsYapp is described as the world’s most advanced communications system for dogs. I can already hear my granny “Oh! I will be able to speak to MySweetDogs “. It uses smartband technology to analyse a dog’s sounds, movements and activities, resulting in a direct translation to an app on your phone.

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WhatsYapp is broken down into two distinct areas that combine together to create a predictive behavioural translator for your dog.

  1. Data that comes from the dog itself. The device attaches to your dog’s collar and has an in-built microphone and many features that you’d associate with a smart-watch, which monitors sound, movement, bodily positioning, time and location.

  2. The collar connects to both the owner’s smartphone and the local wi-fi in the home.

A selection of unique, discrete low-energy Bluetooth stickers (ibeacons) are supplied with the collar which the owner can stick to key locations in the home, e.g. doors, dog bowls, bed and utility areas to create a pet-smart home.

WhatsYapp was voted for by the public who have been selecting their favourite pet technology concepts since the launch of the Petnology centre on the 19th January. WhatsYapp beat two other concepts:

  • CatQuest: an interactive 3D projection gamestation for cats which can be activated remotely via an app, turning your home into a playground for cats.

  • PetPounds: uses SmartBand technology to monitor the interaction between children and their pets. By walking, running or playing with pets, children can earn vouchers, days out or time credit on mobile devices. Simply put – the more responsible your child is, the greater the reward.

I kind of like the sound of CatQuest…for when I have to cat sit my friends’ furry nightmares. For more details and to be kept up to date with the development of WhatsYapp visit

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