Free open source version of animation software used by Studio Ghibli and Futurama released

Great news for those starting out in animation, an open source version of the software used by Studio Ghibli, Rough Draft (the studio behind Futurama) and even by the video games makers of Discworld 2, has been released and it’s available to download for free.

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OpenToonz will include some of the features that were developed for Ghibli over the years but if you need more, PremiumToonz will still be available at a price of course. Generously, you can use OpenToonz to create both person and commerical 2D animation projects and if you know how, you can even modify the source code and develop your own tools. An effects plug-in from Dwango is also available to download and Ghibli’s GTS scanning tool is available if you use a PC.

The release was part of an agreement for the acquisition by Dwango of Digital Video, Digital Video will extend their business model to working with big players in a more personalised sercervice capcity as well as with the premium version. If you’re thinking “this sounds like one of those free lunches that doesn’t exist, what’s the catch?”, the release will make Toonz a worldwide industry standard player so it works out well for everyone. Animation skills might take longer to master but the release is a really exciting development in the world of animation.

You can download OpenToonz at GitHub

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