Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer Provokes Mixed Reactions

You can’t escape the news that the new Ghostbusters reboot trailer has dropped and they’re pitching to a tough audience so the reaction has been somewhat….mixed. The original Ghostbuster is still well loved, was nominated for 2 Oscars and audiences are seemingly sick to their back teeth of reboots, remakes and sequels. So can a glossy trailer for a rehash make me want to see this movie?

The initial excitement of having four female leads, and what it could mean for representation of Women in Hollywood in the future, has worn off. The producers knew it would polarize audiences and make a lot of men feel threatened that the show wasn’t about them but they went ahead with it and it was a brave move. It shouldn’t be of course, but it was.

The trailer that’s been released seems to be cut in the style of an action movie with brief character introductions. Some of the characters seem more fleshed out than others, Kate McKinnon looks like she might steal the show as Holtzmann and may be the Halloween costume of choice for many 6 year old girl/grown woman. On the other hand Leslie Jones seems to have been stereotyped as the sassy street-smart black lady. Here’s hoping that they have actually fleshed out her character and she isn’t left as the token. All other skin tones have been completely ignored.

ghostbusters 2016 (1)

The 30 years ago message opening the trailer implies that it’s a continuation of the original films but with the same name so it would be interesting to see if they develop that idea throughout the movie. The CGI heavy landscape will undoubtedly make it the star attraction in the new Sony theme park that’s being planned but the glossy, candy coated treatment lacks the eeriness of the original. From the tone, it seems to be squarely aimed at preschool girls who clearly have more purchasing power than they realise judging from Frozen success. Will there be anything for adults to enjoy? Chris Hemsworth makes a very brief appearance in the trailer in his role as the new Janine, the geeky receptionist Kevin. They seem to have decided to keep him mute in this trailer edit so we can only hope that he gives Kevin as much personality as Annie Potts gave Janine.

ghostbusters 2016 (2)

There aren’t many laughs in this trailer, unless you like over the top, wacky slapstick goofball comedy. They might be saving their jokes for the film but a cynic would bet against it. Yes, the trailer makes the film look entertaining, but whether it will have a lasting impact on audiences is yet to be seen.

ghostbusters 2016 (3)

While we’re here, let’s watch the trailer for the original even had a retro voice of god VO.




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