Jude Law partners with Lexus to share the #LifeRX in epic virtual reality video


*This post was sponsored by Lexus but contains our own thoughts and opinions.*

Who knew immersive theatre could be so exciting?! Somehow Lexus has managed it by partnering with Jude Law, East City Films and leading London immersive talent agency The Department to create this epic immersive video of this epic immersive event.

Lexus invited 100 journalists and celebrities to a disused underground bank vault for an immersive theatre experience revealing the new Lexus RX. Immersive theatre is disorientating at the best of times, these unwitting guests were given a virtual reality tour of the new RX’s features within a theatrical setting which was all captured in 360-degree virtual reality ready 4k glory. To top it off, they were then papped before being surprised on the red caret by Jude Law.

Why 360-degree, the Lexus RX is proud of their dedication to safety and the new RX boasts 360-degree view monitor inside the car. It all loosely ties in, but mainly it sounds like a convenient excuse to create this epic virtual reality video. The video was shot using 80 GoPro Hero 4 cameras, 11 camera rigs, 25 hidden microphones and 3 bespoke car rigs.

The new Lexus RX philosophy is about sharing amazing experiences and Jude Law has had his fair share of premieres and excitement so he’s turning the tables and sharing the #LifeRX, and you a taste of what a film star’s life is like. In the 6 minute video, Jude becomes your guide as he takes you through the 14 room experience.

The instructions on the video tell you load cardboard (the app) and put on headphones. You don’t need a VR headset to watch the video, you can also watch it normally, seeing all the 360 action all at once which is apparently how Chameleons view the world, and also using the Cardboard app but only looking at one half of the screen so you can see all the immersive detail as if you’ve shut one eye.

Like Jude Law, the Lexus RX is sharp and sophisticated and understands the importance of making an impression. Better than Jude Law, The new RX has reversing cameras, a 360-degree view monitor inside, a 12inch touchscreen centre console, park assist sensors and a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection.

Find out more about the new Lexus RX and its features on the Lexus website. or to see more on the behind the scenes of the #LifeRX video, visit the Lexus YouTube channel.



Jude Law 360 Video Still 2



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