There is no doubt that the television is enjoying its peak at the moment. Things have really shaped up well for television in 2017. The cable TV was leading the charge in the entertainment industry for over a decade. But, since the streaming services took full shape in 2016, there is an unprecedented growth for the original scripted series.

The peak TV is set for an anomalous change, thanks to the entry of bigger production houses to the small screens. Some of the big houses like Marvel made its debut on the television screens in 2017 by coming out with seven new TV based series of different streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. 2017 was also the year that saw the revival of a lot of nostalgic series. All this means that the TV industry is going through a great consolidation and for better things in the coming years.

There is a wide range of programming choices on offer as far as TV industry is concerned. The movie world is shrinking a bit. It is now coming out in mid-sized stories. There are many writers, directors, actors, and others moving from the movie industry to the television industry. With wider acceptance of TV than before, it is up to the series makers to deliver decent shows for the public.


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