The New Year countdown is on – and if talk about the personal development, then there is no better time to start working on it than now. To help people in achieving their self-improvement goal Ms. Sorcha McAloon, who is a successful life coach, is launching a concentrated, 8-week group program. The program focuses on helping women to start off 2018 feeling empowered, and ready to take on what lies ahead of them.

Ms. McAloon, is trained in hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and the Marisa Peer Method, among other principles are very active in this field and has helped women worldwide to reach their full potential, via her expert techniques and personable approach.

In a program hosted at FM to acknowledge Ms. McAloon, she said “As the New Year is approaching fast, it is time to act. Women who want to work towards a more fulfilling life and ready to accept the change are more than eager to set their plans in motion. Dedicating 8 weeks of personal development is not only simple, but also a highly effective way towards building new habits, which help in making a better life”.

“This 8-Week Self-Improvement Group Program was designed specifically to help women.”


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