LS Telcom announced that publication of the report shown for Ofcom about better understanding of the impact of the mobile signal reduction within the vehicles. Paired with Siroda, an expert in RF signal measurements, there LS Telcom commenced a study, about exceptional in-car mobile signal measurement campaign. Now, this report “In-car Mobile Signal Attenuation Measurements” shows the complete set of in-car mobile signal attenuation results and the statistical analysis about data measurement.

The important part of the study needed careful consideration of seeking mobile signal attenuation within the vehicles that has covered almost all the mobile frequencies in use via mobile network operators in inclusive of 2600 MHz, 2100 MHz, 1800 MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz. The drive test undergoes repetition for a wide range of known vehicle types easily found in the UK and measured mobile signals in suburban, urban, as well as rural areas within the route of 100 km.

The use of empirical data will be made by Ofcom in order to provide help for commencing mobile signal coverage predictions keeping in view UK’s roads and for enhanced understanding of the signal quality that customers likely to receive inside the vehicles.


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