Tired of the industry standard, Murtaza Khawaja launched a company where he has full control over research and development

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WAYNE, N.J., September 19, 2018 – Murtaza “Mo” Khawaja is a young serial entrepreneur on the move. At just 21 years old, he and his brother launched Sparta Nutrition in 2016 and the company is already pulling in eight-figure annual revenue in just two years — and steadily growing week-over-week. The brand's launch is one of the largest releases in sport supplement history with GNC. Sparta Nutrition, also distributed in Vitamin Shoppe and thousands of brick-and-mortar stores, is one of the fastest-growing supplement companies in the world.

The way Khawaja has chosen to conduct and structure his business has made him a success. He started his first company going into his freshmen year of high school. He was tasked with translating elements of his family's brick-and-mortar business into an online powerhouse. It was here working within the retail space that he had his first exposure as to what constitutes a supplement.

He was in the unique position to see many large household brands in the nutraceutical space being scrutinized for deceptive consumer marketing practices as well as falsifying products, essentially selling products that were spiked and didn't meet label claims.

I wanted to create products that met the innovative edge and difference I look for as a younger consumer, beyond propriety blends and the vanillas of the world to full-disclosure open-label transparency to help set my brand and vision apart.

Murtaza 'Mo' Khawaja

CEO of Sparta Nutrition

After being in the space and selling the retail business, Murtaza knew with Sparta Nutrition he wanted to do things differently. With Sparta Nutrition, he formulates every single product that's created from inception to creation. Following all legal parameters, Khawaja starts from an idea of what he wants the product to be and reverse engineers the process — from sourcing all of the ingredients to creating an innovative and unique product that provides full disclosure to the consumer.

“I entered the brand side in the hopes that as a young and avid lover of the industry, I could make a discernible difference,” says Khawaja. “I wanted to create products that met the innovative edge and difference I look for as a younger consumer, beyond propriety blends and the vanillas of the world to full-disclosure open-label transparency to help set my brand and vision apart. While I don't have a chemistry degree, only a degree in business, I've been able to create products after products that have revolutionized the industry, with the sales to prove it.”

Murtaza is involved in all aspects of the business. From the quality end of these products, including offering clinical dosages, to innovative and delicious flavor systems as well as the strict cGMP quality and strenuous testing that goes into product formulation, Khawaja aims to make a real difference in what his brand offers. He is also involved in the financial end of the company, sales, team building and working with the marketing team.

He notes that the success of Sparta Nutrition is also attributed to the team — all leaders in their respective fields. Khawaja is grateful for their expertise and notes that they have launched a corporate umbrella of companies in nutraceuticals, health and wellness, beauty and personal care — all in under two years.

“I've been in the industry for seven years on every end; it was almost predestined for the vision that is Sparta and me to come together. I may be young but that doesn't change the experience I have — if anything, my age coupled with my time in the industry has allowed me to make the difference I've made in countless lives by helping people achieve their goals through health and wellness,” adds Khawaja.

Sparta Nutrition has now reached 65 countries and is growing in distribution. For more information and to see a list of products, visit SpartaNutrition.com.

About Sparta Nutrition

Sparta Nutrition was founded to sell real products that deliver real results. The company's founders believe in producing the absolute best products, backed by science, driven by research and sustained through results. For more information, visit SpartaNutrition.com.

Murtaza “Mo” Khawaja
[email protected]

Source: Murtaza Khawaja

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