A casual atmosphere where Doctors of Chiropractic can share what is working in today's extremely competitive marketplace.


Chiropractors are taking success into their own hands and eliminating the need for chiropractic consultants, expensive seminars, coaching, webinars, and podcasts.

“As far as I know, in Chiropractic it’s the first of its kind. I wanted to create a sort of continuing education focusing on success because without success, no one wins,” says Committee founder Altadonna.

Members of “The Committee” include new practitioners, doctors with growing and established practices, and even owners of million dollar practices—each supporting one another online 24-7, offline, all the time.

In addition, Committee Members meet quarterly in locations spread out across the country.
Unlike Chiropractic ‘Seminars’, there is no selling or pitching at these meetings. In fact, it is prohibited.

For members of ChiroTrust, attendance is free (For more info, go to: and communicate on a daily basis with one another via a secret Facebook Group Page.

What’s discussed varies from patient care to hiring an associate, lowering overhead, marketing for referrals, stimulating returning visits, overhead reduction, lifestyle balanced strategies, and more.

For more information on “The Committee”, including dates and locations, go to

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