AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France–()–This final statement from Le Cercle des économistes is a call to reason, to greater lucidity and to action in the face of the great disruptions of our time. We see a generalized loss of trust, which we believe can only be re-established through actions in five major fields.

1. To recreate social cohesion and bring territories back together

– We ask that the government organize a conference on the subject of employment opportunities in the future, with all social partners and political parties present;

– Encourage all levels of governance to regularly call on citizen conventions, for which participation should be mandatory and partly determined by a random draw;

– We ask that regions become the architects of major plans for education and training, which they will finance through the transfer of production taxes to their competencies;

2. To reclaim our lives

– Establish, protect and respect independent institutions whose mission is to inform the general public and create a permanent body for fact checking. We also ask that the Banque Publique d’Investissements create a fund dedicated to startups in the field of fact checking;

– Start a debate in Europe on the refusal of any form of a monopoly in the treatment, stocking and sharing of data, leading to a possible dismantlement of large technology firms;

3. To create a project-based Europe

– Create a Franco-German agency for cooperation on projects for breakthrough technologies;

– Modernize European commercial policy by centering it on competitive issues and by working towards a ‘climate club’ which could establish incentivizing taxation measures at its borders. We also ask that the EU/MERCOSUR agreement not be put into provisional application;

4. To rekindle new forms of international cooperation

– Launch a Geneva Congress, on the subject of new approaches to international cooperation;

5. To ensure security in tomorrow’s world

– Finance the ecological transition either through a great loan financed and guaranteed by the European Union, or by taking advantage of the low and potentially decreasing interest rates on debt;

– Prioritize the treatment of ocean waste on a global scale at the upcoming COP25;

– Form a partnership between Europe and Africa with the objective of increasing access to water and electricity threefold in Africa in the coming 15 years;

– Establish an international conference on cybersecurity, which clearly defines what can be considered a critical digital infrastructure and forbids any attack on them.

Please find below the full statement:


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