As the pioneer in China’s leading financial technology and AI field, SQH Tech serves the financial industry specializing on the banking industry, insurance industry and fund industry with big data technology and AI technology.


Recently, Beijing Squirrel Hill Technology (a.k.a SQH Tech) announced it accomplished the Pre-A round financing worthy of millions of RMB from investor N5 Capital. The company will spend this round of financing on expanding domestic and foreign markets and enhancing the construction of its R&D team.

As the pioneer in China’s leading financial technology and AI field, SQH Tech serves the financial industry specializing on the banking industry, insurance industry and fund industry with big data technology and AI technology. The company is dedicated to empowering niche financial scenarios with AI technology. The core competiveness of SQH Tech is deeply rooted in its cutting-edge capability of making scientific research and profound experience in financial services. The founding team of SQH Tech came from Carnegie Mellon University. The founder Harbour Zheng was a graduate majored in Compiler Optimization in School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, and has been specialized in IT for years. Upon graduation, Mr. Zheng joined in IQity Solutions, an industrial data SaaS company in Pittsburgh, and became a system architect. Subsequently, Mr. Zheng acted as manager and data scientist in, the largest luxury retailer in the U.S., helping the company to achieve commercial monetization with algorithms. Harbour returned to China in 2014 and founded SQH Tech. Tiansheng Ye, the COO, has been working in Morgan Stanley, New York upon graduation. Being working in improving the information management level of investment banks and lowering potential risks with new technology, Tiansheng has profound knowledge and experience for the financial industry. Other personnel of the management team are also graduated from domestic prestigious universities and worked in reputed financial institutions.

Data is the foundation of AI. With intelligent data processing capability, better application services can be offered. SQH Tech has been exploring in the big data field ever since its establishment. It has set up a data platform with full independent intellectual property. Based on the data platform, SQH Tech has completed its algorithm platform, which consists of natural language algorithm modules, knowledge graph modules and machine learning modules. After basically setting up the data and algorithm platform, SQH Tech focuses its efforts on the financial industry. In the application of the financial industry, data, algorithm and industrial scenarios are indispensable. Based on massive data and a powerful algorithm platform, SQH Tech supports a myriad of scenarios, including pre-credit risk management, post-credit risk management, credit anti-fraud, precision marketing and auto insurance anti-fraud. Its main products, including Matrix and Simon, help to mitigate banks ‘credit risks and insurance anti-fraud with knowledge graphs, to meet the development demands of financial institutions in current Internet era. Currently, SQH Tech has served numerous clients, including foreign commercial banks, domestic commercial banks, policy banks, fund firms, insurance companies and wealth management companies. It has substantially helped its clients to improve their comprehensive production capacities in all scenarios through AI empowerment.

In addition, SQH Tech and Harbin Institute of Technology (the best school in China for computer science and artificial intelligence) cooperated and set up HIT—SQH AI & FinTech lab. After months’ running-in, the lab has made great breakthroughs in graph & data search, natural language processing and block chains. Currently, the company has obtained several patents in the knowledge graphs in the financial industry.

“Supported by the Belt and Road Initiative, China has provided a much more favorable environment for Chinese software companies with advanced, solid scientific R&D capability, rich experience of financial risk control and valuable management experience. These excellent innovative enterprises will provide a big data intelligent financial business service platform for foreign financial institutions and accelerate global financial development. SQH Tech has powerful strengths both in technology and finance, which is an important reason for attracting investment from N5 Capital”, said by Will Jiang, the founding partner of N5 Capital.

Nowadays, AI has found a way into every aspect of our society life. Venture-capital-backed SQH Tech now aims to comprehensively empower financial institutions through its efforts. “We must set foot on data, enhance our algorithm and modeling capabilities and deepen our understanding of the financial scenarios, so as to serve clients better.” After completing the Pre-A round of financing, Harbour Zheng, founder of SQH Tech, stated the company would continue its path on empowering the industry through AI.

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