Knowing how the brain behaves while addicted, can massively speed up the recovery process and help us make effective decisions.


According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 19.7 million adults are battling substance abuse in the U.S. With causes related to genetics, environmental factors, and mental health, Amethyst Recovery Center ( is striving to help end this epidemic in America by providing educational resources for families impacted by addiction. With such a trend on the rise, Amethyst Recovery Center recognizes the need for sharing information on how to effectively approach the recovery process compassionately.

In a new 9-part series, Amethyst Recovery Center offers a free online course, led by Amethyst’s Neurobiology of Addiction Lecturer, Dr. Josh Wardwell, who holds a PhD in Psychology-Neuroscience and Behavior from Northern Illinois University. In an effort to make information more accessible to the public no matter their location, users are able to learn about the neuroscience of addiction, mental health, the power and danger of denial, the impacts of addiction on the family, understanding treatment, how to protect yourself and your loved ones, intervention, and ultimately how to take the next steps on the journey to recovery.

“Knowing how the brain behaves while addicted, can massively speed up the recovery process and help us make effective decisions.” The course highlights the way the brain changes when addicted and how to approach the recovery process thoughtfully. Through the course content, individuals learn the significance of addressing the underlying mental health of the individual in order to create lasting results that positively impact both the patient and their loved ones.

In addition to our clinical understanding, “the heart of Amethyst is hope” and “it’s possible to get out of this cycle and get better,” says Dr. Josh Wardwell, PhD. After completing the free training, course participants will be more informed about how to understand changes in family dynamics, decode the acronyms and lingo of the industry in order to make educated treatment decisions, and intervene on a neurological level. The online course is available nationwide.

Amethyst Recovery Center is a newly built drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Amethyst offers detoxification and residential treatment, including medication assisted treatment (MAT). All treatment programs are accredited by The Joint Commission. Because every addiction and experience differs, customized treatment plans are available based on clinical assessments. For more information, please call 1-888-447-7724 or enroll in our pre-treatment course:

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