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The blockchain ecosystem depends on people from different projects and perspectives coming together to exchange ideas and drive the way forward for mass adoption.


Anchor, the first non-flationary stablecoin pegged to global economic growth, and crypto influencer Michael Nye co-hosted a memorable and enlightening boat party with a panel on how to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies alongside the Crypto Valley Conference in Zug, Switzerland on June 25th. Moderated by Michael Nye and recorded live for his Evolvement Podcast, panelists included industry thought leaders Teck Chia, Partner at Binance Labs; Ilya Abugov, Head of Product and Research at Crypto Briefing; Joris Reding, Blockchain Consultant for Inacta; Daniel Popa, Founder and CEO of Anchor; and surprise guest, crypto icon Didi Taihuttu, Founder of the Bitcoin Family.

Guests enjoyed a scenic cruise around Lake Zug while listening to important aspects that will help evolve the crypto industry and engage the masses such as usability, accessibility, affordability, and education. Topics discussed also included varying perspectives on Facebook’s new stablecoin Libra, as well as the influence of banks, governments, and regulators. Stay tuned to Michael Nye’s Evolvement podcast to listen to the panel discussion and hear what experts had to say.

Regarding the event, Michael Nye, host of Evolvement Podcast expressed, “The Anchor boat experience in Zug during Crypto Valley Week was a ton of fun. Great people, perfect venue, and good food. It was a real honor to host the panel and co-brand with Anchor, and I’m excited for the next one!”

On the topic of the panel, Ilya Abugov, Head of Product and Research at Crypto Briefing, conveyed, “It was great to participate in a thoughtful conversation about adoption. Conversations like this will help the industry mature.”

Joris Reding, Blockchain Consultant for Inacta, added, “Usability is the most important aspect when it comes to reaching mass adoption. If the usage is too complicated, you lose 95% of the users already – independently if a Bitcoin transaction would be cheaper than an international bank transfer for example.”

Daniel Popa, Founder and CEO of Anchor, added, “I truly appreciate our panelists, guests, and Michael Nye for being part of our event and creating an unforgettable experience. The blockchain ecosystem depends on people from different projects and perspectives coming together to exchange ideas and drive the way forward for mass adoption.”

For media inquiries, please contact:
Olya Moskalenko
Anchor Media and Communications Director
+1 (917) 355-1647

Sarah Cohen
Melrose PR Account Executive
+1 (310) 260-7901

About Anchor:
Anchor is a stablecoin cryptocurrency pegged to a non-flationary, algorithmic index that reflects the long-term growth of the global economy. The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) algorithm is based on the GDP of more than 190 countries and further stabilized with FX indicators from a basket of eight currencies, and premium sovereign bond yields from 10 of the world's strongest economies. Offering the stablecoin market an alternative to fiat-pegged stablecoins, Anchor's tokenomics ecosystem is designed to be intrinsically stable with its MMU and safety-net of six stabilizing mechanisms, including a two-token, burn-mint model to ensure stability and equilibrium regardless of market growth or recession. CEO Daniel Popa, a serial telecom and software entrepreneur with over 20 years experience running successful multinational companies, has led a team of PhD economists in developing Anchor's proprietary MMU. Anchor’s network of partners includes Ambisafe, blockchain infrastructure provider that previously worked with Tether; as well as KYC Spider, a digital KYC compliance tool for financial intermediaries and the fintech industry.

About Michael Nye:
Michael Nye is a content creator and educator in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. His intention is to create educational content to allow newcomers to understand and entry into the industry easier. His podcast, Evolvement, is dedicated to this pursuit of education and has more than 90,000 downloads.

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