Political Strategies and Insights announces that Fox News commentator, author and former MS congressional candidate comes home for unveiling of historical landmark in honor of her father, Rev. James Thomas McGlowan

Press Release updated: May 24, 2019 08:00 EDT

HERNANDO, Miss., May 24, 2019 – In celebration of the 65th Year Anniversary of the 1954 BROWN VS. BOARD OF EDUCATION, The Mississippi Department of Historical Archives (MDHA) Governor Phil Bryant and the City Of Hernando Mississippi have designated Hernando Central High, the first black high school in DeSoto County, Mississippi; Founder and Organizer, Rev. James Thomas McGlowan, as a Mississippi historical landmark.

The unveiling will be at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, May 25 at Oak Grove Central Elementary, formerly Hernando Central High.

Hernando Central High was the first public school built for black students in DeSoto, County, MS. The school consisted of the first through the 12th grade and was an asset to the community. For too long, many blacks were previously scattered in dilapidated school conditions. During this time, the Hernando School System, under the planning of the County Board of Education and Superintendent R.E Rutherford, invested more than a half million dollars represented in building, grounds, equipment, and personnel. “This public investment was for the development of Negro citizens for the 'Not how much but how well,'” stated the program developer, organizer, and principal of Hernando Central School, Professor James Thomas McGlowan, Sr.

The building program was completed and Hernando Central’s doors were opened on Monday, Nov. 24, 1958, under the school's motto, “Not how much but how well.”

Also as a result of the Brown vs. the Board of Education Decision, Hernando Central, in an orderly fashion during a tumultuous time, was an integrated school by the 1970s. In other words, Hernando Central became a beacon of hope and an example for the rest of the state of Mississippi to follow in the pursuit of “Equality and Excellence.”

Angela McGlowan, Fox News commentator and author of the bestseller Bamboozled, was the first black and female to run for Congress in Mississippi's 1st Congressional district in 2010. McGlowan, a pioneer herself, attributes her accomplishments to her father saying, “it gives me honor to come back home to the great state of Mississippi and witness history. My father was a trailblazer, a builder, and an inspiration to all who knew him.”


Alberta McGlowan Bryant;

Family of James Thomas McGlowan Sr.;

Hernando Central High Students, Faculty and Staff (1958-1970);

Angela McGlowan, Fox News;

General Jack Keane, Retired Four Star General, Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst, Chairman for the Institute for the Study of War (ISW);

Governor Bryant (Invited);

Lt. Governor Reeves (Invited);

Secretary of State Hosemann (Invited);

Senator Wicker (Invited);

Senator Hyde-Smith (Invited);

Congressman Kelly (Invited);

Mayor Ferguson, the City of Hernando;

Alderman Miller, the City of Hernando;


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