Applied Marketing Science (AMS), a leading market research and consulting firm based in the Boston MetroWest area, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The firm was founded in 1989 by Professor John Hauser of the MIT Sloan School of Management, and current chairman, Robert Klein. In 2015, John C. Mitchell was appointed President and Managing Principal.

Since its inception, AMS has remained true to its academic roots, relying on systematic methods developed by leading scholars. The firm specializes in providing market research consulting and expert insight in two different practice areas: Insights for Innovation and Litigation Support.

The Insights for Innovation practice, led by Principal Kristyn Corrigan, provides corporate clients with market research that shapes new product development and customer experience design. The practice has completed over 500 client engagements, including over 10,000 customer interviews, and has trained thousands of individual client team members in its research methodologies. The team’s insights and recommendations inform high-stakes decisions for a broad portfolio of clients, some of which AMS has served for nearly fifteen years.

The Litigation Support practice, led by Principal Brian Sowers, conducts consumer litigation surveys for complex legal matters. The practice currently maintains a roster of 16 talented litigation survey experts, all of whom have testified extensively in deposition and at trial. The firm’s network of experts is supported by an equally impressive client service staff. AMS researchers and consultants have conducted some of the most ambitious and impactful survey research for intellectual property, class action, and patent matters. Decades of experience, a methodical approach and expert understanding of the litigation process have helped the practice to consistently deliver outstanding results for clients.

After 30 years as a full-service market research firm, AMS is a recognized leader in its field. From its early days creating the discipline of Voice of the Customer, bringing Quality Function Deployment (QFD) into American companies, and pioneering the use of surveys in complex litigation, to its more recent work using conjoint analysis in class-action cases, helping companies substantiate brand claims, and applying machine learning to understand the customer journey, AMS continues to lead the way in market research.

“I am proud of how AMS has continued to grow and optimistic about our future as our firm enters its fourth decade,” says John Mitchell. “Many consulting firms grow up around a single methodology and fade quickly when clients move on to the next “hot” idea. Our success, by contrast, is built a strong team that enjoys working together and doing new things and is relentlessly dedicated to exceptional client service. We really are different.”

Contact Info:
Name: Rachelyn Provencher
Organization: Applied Marketing Science
Address: 303 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: +1-781-250-6300
Email: RProvencher(at)ams-inc.com

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