Cerner names Asymmetrik Ltd. and Mile Two LLC as finalists in Cerner’s Code App Challenge, a national competition honoring innovative new healthcare apps.

Asymmetrik and Mile Two’s app, Cardiac Consultant, is a user-friendly tool which helps doctors educate patients about their individual risk for heart disease and stroke. Tragically, heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases account for 1 in 3 deaths overall in the United States. However, many of these deaths can be prevented with better patient education and engagement, and that’s where Asymmetrik and Mile Two hope to make a difference.

The visual design developed by Mile Two (specialists in human factors research and cognitive engineering) and refined by Asymmetrik (a leader in software and analytics) focuses on making patient data easy to understand, setting it apart from existing risk calculators. Patients can interact with Cardiac Consultant to see how factors such as age and family history combine with their lifestyle choices to affect heart health. The app connects patients to their personal health data located in Cerner’s electronic health record system. The tool uses SMART on FHIR®, a modern healthcare IT standard which allows healthcare systems to exchange data seamlessly and securely.

Being named a finalist in Cerner’s Code App Challenge showcases Asymmetrik's ability to deliver FHIR®-based solutions for hospitals with engaging user experience and intuitive design. In October, Asymmetrik and Mile Two will present the app at Cerner's Health Conference in Kansas City, where thousands of attendees will vote on the final winner of the challenge. Additionally, Asymmetrik will present the app at HL7®’s App Roundtable in Washington DC at the end of September.

About Asymmetrik Ltd.: Asymmetrik Ltd. ( is a Maryland-based company whose digital healthcare solutions create a positive impact for both patients and health systems. Our user-centered design approach promotes greater accessibility and can dramatically improve patient and physician satisfaction. Using our extensive expertise in systems interoperability, data analytics and UX optimization, we help hospitals and health systems improve the cost and quality of care.

About Mile Two: Mile Two ( is an Ohio-based software development company that applies expertise in human performance, user experience design, and cognitive systems engineering to develop user-centric solutions for government and commercial clients.

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