I have been using SphygmoCor for years as part of our ‘PhysioAge Composite,’ a set of biomarkers designed to determine a patient’s physiological age [as opposed to chronological age]. We are pleased to now have an agreement in place that simplifies access to this important technology.


AtCor Medical Holdings Limited (ASX:ACG), the developer and marketer of SphygmoCor® for advanced hypertension managment, today announced that it has entered into a multi-year supply agreement with PhysioAge Systems, LLC, a leader in the use of biomarkers of aging and personalized health analytics. Participating practices will now be able to offer noninvasive arterial stiffness measurements, as provided by SphygmoCor®, one of the important biomarkers of physiological age. Arterial stiffness has become a critical biomarker in aging and a key driver of the risk for hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

The two year agreement will streamline the integration of SphygmoCor® into the PhysioAge Program, making it more accessible to participating practices. Up to 100 new PhysioAge sites are forecast to install AtCor’s SphygmoCor® in calendar year 2018 – with eleven units sold in December 2017.

Joseph Raffaele, MD, co-founder of PhysioAge Medical Group and PhysioAge Systems said: “I have been using SphygmoCor for years as part of our ‘PhysioAge Composite,’ a set of biomarkers designed to determine a patient’s physiological age [as opposed to chronological age]. We are pleased to now have an agreement in place that simplifies access to this important technology and supports our ambitious practice growth objectives. Participating practices will now be able to assess arterial age, help patients take preventative action, and quickly determine if interventions have been effective.”

Craig Cooper, AtCor Medical CEO commented: “As the US healthcare system continues to evolve and patients take greater control of their own health, integrative and preventive medicine is becoming a significant market segment for our hypertension and cardiovascular diagnostic systems. We have enjoyed working with Dr. Raffaele and his team at PhysioAge in the past and we could not be more pleased to formalize and expand this important relationship going forward.”

About PhysioAge Systems and Dr. Joseph Raffaele
PhysioAge Systems was founded in 2008 by Joseph Raffaele, M.D., Jochen Kumm, PhD., and Jerry Fortunato, MBA who together developed a proprietary concept called the ‘PhysioAge Composite’ – a set of biomarkers designed to determine the physiological as opposed to chronological age of a subject patient.

The concept for PhysioAge was originally conceived in 2003 when Dr. Raffaele started looking at various validated biomarkers of aging to determine which would best capture the functioning of a subject’s major organ systems relative to the average optimal youthful state. The founders then developed a web-based system to collect the biomarker data and generate physiological ages. Today, PhysioAge® services physician clients in four countries. As CEO of PhysioAge®, Dr. Raffaele developed the specific combination of biomarkers currently in use and has worked with Dr. Kumm to develop ‘The PhysioAge®Composite’ as well as individual “age biomarkers” including CardioAge®, PulmoAge®, NeuroAge®, CutoAge®, ImmunoAge®, and TelomerAge®.

Dr. Raffaele co-founded PhysioAge® Medical Group in 1997 in order to research and develop scientifically based personalized treatment programs focused on slowing the aging process. Since 1997, his Manhattan-based practice has been focused solely on age management medicine and assessing biomarkers of aging. He is a frequent lecturer – both nationally and internationally – on aging, biomarkers, and health rejuvenation strategies.

Dr. Raffaele received his BA from Princeton University and his MD from Drexel University Medical School in 1989. He did his residency at The New York Hospital/Cornell University Medical Center and was formerly a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School while in practice at the Hitchcock Clinic. Dr. Raffaele is a member of the American College of Physicians, is board certified in internal medicine, and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

About AtCor Medical
AtCor Medical develops and markets products for the early detection of arterial stiffness, target organ damage and management of cardiovascular and renal disease. Its technology allows researchers and clinicians to noninvasively measure the central arterial pressure waveform, central aortic pressures, and pulse wave velocity. Central arterial pressure waveform analysis, as measured by the company’s SphygmoCor® system, provides clinicians with better prognostic and diagnostic information to determine the need for, and type of, patient interventions, effects which cannot be detected with standard brachial cuff blood pressure measurements.

More than 4,000 SphygmoCor® systems are currently in use worldwide at major medical institutions, research institutions and in various clinical trials with leading pharmaceutical companies. The company’s technology has been featured in over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies published in leading medical journals and thousands of citations. AtCor Medical has operations in Australia, the United States, and Europe.

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